Medical Castor Wheels

If you are looking to add portability to the hospital and medical equipment then the medical castor wheels are ideal for you. These castors are made from special kind of materials which can not only carry heavy weights but, is also friendly to the environment of the medical institutes.

You can choose the best medical castor wheels in different styles including the swivel castors which are ideal for attaching to equipment which need to be moved easily in all directions. The swivel medical castors braked wheels are attached to the medical beds to make sure that the beds don’t move and take unwanted movements.

Different materials are available for the top medical castor wheels including the plastic and durable polyurethane rubber which can easily carry heavy weights but, also don’t make any noises when being moved. The castors are also chemically treated to add an extra layer of coating which will prevent the castors from catching germs and becoming infected.

We are the medical castor wheels UK supplier who can supply the medical castor wheels at reasonable rates without making any compromises on the quality of the products. You can also get the ordered medical castor wheels delivered to your doorsteps anywhere in the United Kingdom.

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